How does Art Stock Exchange work?

Without the obligation to travel to Art Fairs, to talk to gallerists or to scramble around in messy young artist ateliers, you can invest your money at the art market. Short as long term investments are possible.

The Art Stock Exchange works as a common trade fair specialized in the business of bringing buyers and producers of Art together in a public entity conceived upon a loose network of economic transactions. It facilitates the exchange of securities between Art buyers and Art producers, thus provides a marketplace (virtual or real).

The stocks are listed and traded on Art Stock Exchanges which are entities of an art work or entities of a whole artistry of a living or dead artist. The Art Stock Exchanges provides real-time trading information on the listed art works and facilitates price discovery. By investing money in a (amount of) entities of Art the investor can gain (or loose) a certain amount of monetary value depending on the increasing or decreasing market value of a certain piece of Art.

Trade artist on your faith from the WAX.



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