Why does the Art Stock Exchange exist?

The Art Stock Exchange exists just like – let’s use simple terms – a remix of a stock market and an art market. It shares its root in the stock exchange for it provides services for stock trading. It has its most innovative character that resembles an art market, for it is predicted on the value of art.

By trading art stocks, the investors may gain or lose just as he or she might do in the art market. However, the Art Stock Exchange provides more favorable conditions. It is easy to access information on art works listed on the exchange. Decisions could be made and revised daily. Procedure of buying in and out is streamlined. Better privacy protection. The advantages of trading in the Art Stock Exchange is obvious: the investor has a better chance of building a good portfolio (in both meanings of the word).

And –  don’t forget, you do not have to deal with the hassle of actually owning the physical art work!



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